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Terms & Conditions

  • Packages are based on monthly payments.

  • Lessons are once per week.

  • The lesson duration is 45 minutes.

  • The monthly package can include 4 or 5 lessons depending on the calendar. For example, if the lesson is on a Saturday, a month can have 4 or 5 Saturdays.

  • In case of a long official holiday, e.g. Bairam, leading to the student getting 3 lessons in a month, then the fees for this month will be multiplied by ¾.
    Siblings get 10% off for the second sibling.

  • Once the student selects a time slot on the schedule, it will become his/her fixed weekly lesson time. Lessons can not be shifted.

  • Lessons not attended by the student will be counted as attended and will be deducted.

  • In case of absence of the regular teacher, Art Mania will provide a substitute teacher from within our teaching staff and the lesson will be carried out on time.

  • Payments are done in advance.

  • Renewals are paid for during the last week of every month.

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