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About Us

Art Mania Music Center is a hub for people with passion for music. Established in 2013, Art Mania currently teaches more than 350 students a wide variety of instruments. We believe that, with all the benefits of learning music, everyone deserves to learn an instrument irrespective of age.


Our motto “Music for all Ages” is reflected on our teaching methods as well as our students age mix.

Because new generations require new learning techniques, in 2019, we turned into a paperless learning center by digitalizaing all our teaching processes.



23 teachers currently work at Art Mania with state-of-the-art technology.


Apart from teaching individual instruments, group activities are an important pillar of our community building. Students get to join bands and perform in our regular concerts.


Instruments taught include:

piano, guitar (classic, acoustic, electric, bass), violin, drums, oud, cello, saxophone, clarinet, vocals, tabla, percussion, etc.


We also teach the curriculum of Trinity College of Music enabling students to get accredited British certificates in music.

Art Mania Music Center is also an Academic Partner of Guitar Pro.

Our soundproof studios are used for teaching some instruments as well as band rehearsals. Our Fridays are full of our student bands practicing all day long. It is a day full of adrenaline and fun to attend.
Advanced workshops are conducted regularly covering special topics in music.


Established    2013

Location    Sheikh Zayed - Giza

Current number of students    350

Number of teaching rooms    7 (2 of which are sound proof)

Number of teachers    23


To improve lives through music



Art Mania Center inspires students to increase their  creativity, taste and passion through learning music.
We also teach students how to be self-sufficient and continue  a part of the learning journey using their own skills.










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